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Wellington Lodge Llama Information

Wellington Lodge Llamas is a totally independent family business. Bruce and Ruth Wright have been taking customers llama trekking since the spring of 1994 in Thetford Forest in Norfolk and Suffolk. In October 1996 we moved to The North York Moors to enable us to trek near the coast, on the moors, in forests, in lush sheltered valleys even in places where the Romans had previously walked. Our llamas have been led by children and people of all ages up to 90 years old, our customers have come from all over the world. People come to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and university graduations – even couples on honeymoon but most simply by those who love walking and animals. They often come because llama trekking is so completely different! Llamas are inquisitive, extremely alert, keen wildlife spotters and great characters.


Born in Wales 1990, the eldest and undisputed leader, he joined us in November 1993 and is decidedly an aristocrat. He is rarely flustered, staying cool whatever the situation and always does his best to please. He is much more enthusiastic when we use a wide variety of routes.


Born in Wales in 1991, he also joined us in November 1993. Slightly younger than Jose, he is very fond of any leaves whilst trekking but at work he is quiet and subservient – however when free on the meadow he is very mischevious, standing on his back legs, snorting loudly to tease the other llamas.


Rodrigo joined us in December 1999 and was born in 1995 in Norfolk. Like his half brother, Santos, he is strong, full of fun, experienced and very reliable packer.


Joining us in December 1999 Santos is half brother to Rodrigo, born in Norfolk in 1996. He is a great character and a strong, sturdy packer, full of fun but also experienced and reliable.


At first our older llamas regarded Pablo, like all new llamas, as an intruder but having been accepted and following a training period he joined the trekking team during summer 2002. Pablo is a very willing packer, not quite as bold as the older llamas but is gaining more confidence with every trek. He was born in Shropshire in 1998.


Philippe was born in Northamptonshire in 1999 and joined us in May 2002. Having been accepted and trained, he joined our packers during July 2002. Philippe is a very confident young llama always ready to learn something new.

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